500ml PET Plastic Soda Bottles

500ml PET Plastic Soda Bottles

PET Plastic Soda Bottles 500ml

Product ID: Plastic Soda Bottles 500ml PET

1. The clarity of PET allows users to quickly see how much product remains, and resealability makes the bottles exceptionally convenient。
2. Youcheng believes it is possible to make life more convenient and more comfortable for people all around the world by enhancing molding technologies to fully utilize the functions of plastics。
3. In order to research easier-to-use and more convenient container shapes to develop highly functional containers that utilize the characteristics of the materials, and to get better ideas for new plastic container applications。

Width: 63.5mm, Highness: 221.5mm, Weight: 27g

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CEO:Mr. Chang
Address:63047, No.72, Hsen 3Rd, Road, Dounan Town Yun-Lin Hsing, Taiwan

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